Who We Are

Punah Sanskar is a self funded organization and all events hitherto hosted by it have been with personal contributions of members. We welcome aspiring members and volunteers and look forward to generous contributions now to take our cause further ahead.

Punah Sanskar Foundation was founded in the year 2009 with the sole motive of working towards rejuvenation of our society which is increasingly besieged by lack of compassion and sensitivity. Founded by spiritual researcher and scholar Gaurav Tiwari after years of selfless service in the social segment, ‘Punah Sanskar’ is an endeavour, a mission to bring the lost glory of our rich culture back to our society and our lives in all potential ways. A versatile intellectual working staunchly and strongly for two decades towards bringing about radical changes in our social and mental setup through changes in thoughts and perception, Gaurav Tiwari is the founder of Punah Sanskar Foundation and Punah Samman social organizations.
Punah Sanskar Foundation is the world’s first mission for humanity offering a meaningful platform to those who wish to make a difference, to those who really care about the future of our children and the world we plan to bequeath them. Punah Sanskar aims to bring together like minded people on a common dais and discuss the needs for Punah Sanskar and help them arrive at a consensus. We wish through our spiritual journey to recreate or rejuvenate our society wherein each individual understands his responsibility foremost to humanity as a whole and then to his nation and of course to his family as well to raise such individuals.
We strongly condemn the increasing rapes in our society and the influence it has on innocent minds and their families. Rape is a heinous crime that not just assaults a body but inflicts immense mental trauma that a victim is unable to put behind for years without proper counseling and efforts. ‘Punah Samman’ is our initiative to help each and every rape victim come out of her self-imposed exile and face the society (which is truly her culprit) with determination and grit.
Punah Sanskar is a self funded organization and all events hitherto hosted by it have been with personal contributions of members. We welcome aspiring members and volunteers and look forward to generous contributions now to take our cause further ahead.

Our Vision

The Indian society has been the forerunner since times immemorial displaying rare compassion and sensitivity towards humanity and we are known for our family bonds and social values. It is indeed sad to see our present social order crumble and give way to selfishness and indifference. The rising crime graph and decaying values of our people is a matter of grave concern. This surely should not be the price we need to pay for modernization. Punah Sankar envisions the return of ‘Ram Rajya’ and envisages the perfect combination of development, modernization and a traditional empathetic culture where we can collectively feel happy or sad.

Our Mission

  • Social security for all.
  • Help in growth and development of needy women, men and children.
  • Spread of ethical and moral social and human values amongst our youth and children.
  • Support and rehabilitation of rape victims.
  • Awareness programs for any socially relevant issue.

Our Proud Achievements

  • www.Punahsamman.com - the first ever website for rehabilitation of rape victims in India was launched by Hon’ble Governor of State Haryana Prof K.S. Solankiji from the rape capital of our country- New Delhi from our platform on September 18th, 2016. This website was dedicated to the daughters of our country. Punahsamman is a first ever endeavour to create awareness amongst the people about existence of such efforts and a first website that helps victims to come forward and ask for help.
  • Our first of a series of ‘Live Talk Shows’ on ‘Rape and its impact on victims and their families’ held in September 2016, at The Tivoli Garden resort Hotel, Mehrauli, New Delhi headed by Gaurav Tiwari, was a huge success and carried our message forward to a large audience.
  • Spreading Awareness on decaying and dying moral and spiritual values amongst school and college students of Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.
  • Running successful awareness campaign for caring for the aged and revered generation at Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurugram.
  • Running World’s first Astrological Mission ‘Bhagyashali Kundli ki khoj’ and combining the efforts of astrology with science and maths to help people take better decisions in life, ruling out blind faith and mishaps in life.
  • Organized Sur Dhara 2017’ in Jaipur, Rajasthan- A musical extravaganza for the bureaucrats, by the bureaucrats which attracted the participation of top IAS, IPS and IRS officers of Rajasthan, telecasted live and recorded across major national news channels of our country on August 26th, 2017 in support of Cancer patients and rehabilitation of rape victims. The event was a huge success and we plan to take it across to other major cities as well.
  • We have conducted numerous spiritual and religious events like Srimad Bhagwat Kathas, Sri Ram Katha, Sunder Kand Paths and religious sermons by learned saints to spread social and religious harmony and emphasize on quality of life.

The Team

Deepa Tiwari Founder

Deepa Tiwari is a spiritual scholar with a deep social commitment and zeal for humanitarian causes. Physical suffering and moral degradation upset her completely and with truly philanthropist principles and ideals, DeepaTiwari laid the foundation of PunahSanskar- an organization committed to rejuvenation and recreation of a society which can be called a replica of Ram Rajya, the golden era of Indian society.

Gaurav Tiwarigaurav tiwari President

Spiritual researcher and scholar, social reformer, creative director, conceptualizer and visualizer. Gaurav Tiwari has over the last two decades contributed immensely to the society in innumerable ways.. He is the President of PunahSanskar Foundation and PunahSamman social organizations.

Gaurav Tiwari is also the Editor in Chief of Ideatvnews, an online news channel bringing unadulterated news to the masses and also putting forth new ideas promoting social change and reform. With his rational and dynamic thinking and views, he has questioned the decaying moral set up of our present society where in women, elderly and small children are soft targets of abuse. He has been battling vehemently for return of sanskaars, the right social, human and moral values our generation must have. Confident of bringing about a social revolution through his thoughts and ideologies one day, Gaurav Tiwari is ingenious, dynamic and deriving inspiration from environment with brilliant oratory skills, exceptional concept creation and execution skills. He is an expert signature reader also who has guided number of people through their financial and relationship crises.

As the Director of Prime Idea Network Pvt Ltd and Think of Media, Gaurav Tiwari has created, conceptualized and directed numerous short films, ad films and documentaries which are unique and distinctive in their style and stand out characteristically. Outstanding leadership qualities and team management skills yet a humble, compassionate soul make him stand apart in the crowd of today's youth. Integration of honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of his business functioning is his USP.

Vibha Sharmavibha sharma Vice President

A management graduate with over 15 years of corporate exposure, Vibha Sharma is also an independent education management professional in love with writing. She is a contributor to over twelve anthologies till date and numerous online and offline publications as a freelance writer.

Some of her contributions include The Chicken Soup Series and Readomania’s ‘When They Spoke’, ‘Mock, Stalk and Quarrel’ and ‘Stri’. She also blogs on parenting and social issues and is a contributor to national newspapers frequently. Extremely passionate about doing her bit for the society, she has been a key propellant in the laying down of the foundation of Punah Sanskar Foundation and Punah Samman through which she aims to help the upcoming generation imbibe the ideals of integrity and humanity and also bring about major social changes through the power of her pen.

Working for bringing the rape survivors back into mainstream society and women empowerment have been her long time goals and as Vice President of this organization she wishes to live her dreams of a safe, secure setup for women as a part of a flourishing unbiased society working towards self-development and nation building. As the Co-Founder and Vice President of Punah Samman and Punah Sanskar Foundation social organizations respectively, she has conceptualized, created and successfully organized and hosted various social events. Truly and deeply involved with the obsession of creating a flawless society and bring back values of compassion and humanity to our setup, her vision is to bring back dignity and commitment in values and empathy in souls which is what makes us human.

Shivani Kapoorshivani kapoor Governer- NRI Segment

Based in Dubai, Shivani Kapoor is the Director of an IT magazine. She has been associated with PunahSanskar Foundation since the year 2011. She is extremely passionate about the social endeavours of PunahSanskar and is completely committed to its humanitarian and compassionate social causes highlighted by the organization. As the Governor of the NRI segment she handles all the global activities of PunahSanskar Foundation.

Harbans Singh Dhirharbans singh dhir Senior Executive Member

As a Senior Executive Member of PunahSanskarFoundation, Harbans Singh Dhirhas participated zestfully in most of its campaigns. He has rendered numerous selfless services to the organization and the society and is truly dedicated to the larger cause of humanity. He is the proprietor of Spectrum Color Labs based in New Delhi.

Colonel Arun Gandhicolonel arun gandhi Senior Executive Member

A former Colonel at the Indian Army and the founder of Arunoday Consultants, Col Arun Gandhi is a motivational speaker and a corporate trainer and a QMS consultant as well. A passionate social worker, Col Gandhi has been an indispensable part of Punah Sanskar Foundation in its welfare initiatives and a speaker at Punah Samman talk show.

Shri Vikas Dasshri vikas dhir Senior Executive Member

Shri Vikas Das is Mahant of Kabir Panth, Jhajjar Haryana and is a zealous social worker. He has contributed extensively to many of Punah Sanskar campaigns in his own capacity.

Devansh BeriwalaDevansh-Beriwala Executive Member

Devansh is a zealous young management and IT professional who feels strongly about the underprivileged and the less fortunate. He has been an aggressive and active participant to PSF campaigns. Absolutely reliable and focused, Devansh also demonstrates exceptional entrepreneurial caliber through his unique and steadily progressing start ups. He is a great motivator of youth and children.